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Johnny Chan

Full-stack Machine Learning Engineer on a mission to joining the dots.

My Career


I created fungai.org with the aim helping scientists and enthusiasts to easily identify wild mushroom species from images using deep learning technologies. This project is in partnership with Intel. Initial prototype stack: JavaScript, ReactJS, jason-server, ImageNet, Heroku. Upcoming stack: Tensorflow, Python, Docker.

Nov 2017 - present, London
Project Owner, Full-stack Machine Learning Engineer


I created Mathalope.co.uk to share notes and research findings in machine learning, full-stack development, and programming. Since establishment the blog has been visited by 120,000+ students and professionals from 200+ countries. My current research focus is on combining machine learning with full-stack app development. Blog Stack: WordPress, Gist, Mathjax, Markdown. Content Stack: Python, JavaScript, etc.

Mar 2014 - present, London
Author, Full-stack Machine Learning Engineer

Intel Software Innovator

As an Intel® Software Innovator affiliate I have access to new Intel technologies (software and hardware) and initiatives on creating and demonstrating forward-looking projects. Some related projects of mine include: fungai.org, Life++, and HPC with Intel Xeon Phi. Current research focus mainly around AI and IoT.

Oct 2015 - present, London
Independent Developer, AI Specialist

Dufrain Consulting | RBS

Data Analytics Consultant at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Commercial and Private Banking. Owned the analytics and segmentation part of 3 high profile remediation projects. Major tech stack: SAS, SQL, Oracle, Teradata, In-house credit risk systems

May 2016 - Apr 2017, London
Data Analytics Consultant


Developed a Ruby-on-rail web app prototype for a wellness startup company. Tech stack: Ruby, Ruby-on-Rails, Heroku, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, Google App Engine (GAE), Google Datastore, Python, Git, GitHub, Trello, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Google Docs.

Jan 2016 - Apr 2016, London
Full-stack Developer

11 Hackathons over 11 weeks

Took 3 months off and did 11 hackathons over 11 weeks. Major highlights: 2nd place (5000 EURO) team award at the Allianz Connected Life Hackathon,best use of DARPA open source tools in a Ministry of Defence (MoD) Hackathon, and meeting a bunch of long-term friends. These experiences motivated me to become better in open source developments.

Oct 2015 - Dec 2015, London
Hackathon Competitor, Developer

Citi, London

Senior Data Analytics Developer and Assistant Vice President (AVP) of a large global investment bank at Canary Wharf. Collaborated with a global remote team of tech and non-tech domain experts and senior stakeholders based across London, New York, Singapore and Japan. Designed, developed and implemented the global roll-out of a fully automated (SAS and SQL based) early-warning web reporting and forecast analytics tool and process that helped protect the bank’s estate of 100,000 production systems from risk of overloading. Used by 400+ global support teams to form preventative actions against the high risk cases. I also did many other things at the earlier part at the bank - mostly within the technology and operation areas. Tech Stack: SAS, SQL, Oracle, AutoSys Batch Scheduling, Windows / UNIX scripts, internal bank-wide databases.

Aug 2008 - Sep 2015, London
Assistant Vice President (AVP), Senior Data Analytics Developer, SAS Programmer

Imperial College London

MEng Aeronautical Engineering (2:1). All things aeroplanes such as aerodynamics (the airflow round the wings), aircraft structures (the wings and body), thermodynamics (the engines), numerical simulation with programming (Matlab and Fortran), Helicopter mechanics, incredible amount of maths and calculus, and finally a 4-month ERASMAS exchange at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) based in Lisbon/ Portugal - learning and writing up a thesis on GPS. Met some amazing friends and surfed for the first time. During the earlier days I also did some volunteering at the London Science Museum (building scientific databases) and Natural History Museum (dissecting mosquitoes samples for malaria researches).

Aug 2004 - Aug 2008, London
Aeronautical Engineer, Undergraduate

Cathay Pacific Airways

Engineer at Cathay Pacific Engineering Department (Power-plant Team), with a focus on ensuring all the aircraft engines are well maintained and ready to serve the fleets.

Jul 2007 - Aug 2008, Hong Kong
Aeronautical Engineer, Summer Intern

Rolls Royce

As a result of winning a short essay writing competition I was invited to a 3-week design workshop hosted by Rolls-Royce, University of Sheffield and the European Association of Aerospace Students (EUROAVIA).

Jul 2007 - Jul 2007, Derby (UK)
Aerospace Engineer, EUROAVIA Project Team

My Skills

My Projects


fungai.org - Jekyll Blog

fungai.org assists scientists and enthusiasts to easily identify wild mushroom species from images using deep learning technologies. I built this blog with Jekyll and Github pages.


fungai.org - ReactJS UI (POC)

proof-of-concept of what the offline image classification UI might look like. Built with ReactJS and Heroku.


fungai.org - fake json-server API (POC)

a fake API backend to aid prototyping the ReactJS frontend prototype. Built with json-server and Heroku.



Mathalope.co.uk is a tech blog visited by 120,000+ students and professionals from 200+ countries. I use this blog to document and share tech notes with the rest of the world, mainly on programming, infrastructure, machine learning, and statistics. Tech Stack: Wordpress(.org), Gist, Markdown, MathJax, and a bit of PHP and JavaScript.



(aka this website) My attempt to build a portfolio website with Jekyll and GitHub Pages. It uses the beautiful Jalpc theme.


Friends of Russia Dock Woodland (fordw.org)

I volunteered to build an official home page for Friends of Russia Dock Woodland - a group of residents in Rotherhithe who help to protect and improve our local woodland and Stave Hill ecological park.


UK Towns (Alexa Skill)

Toy Project - A trivia game to learn a bit about the towns in UK.


Mind the Gap (Alexa Skill)

Toy Project - A trivia game to learn a bit about the London Underground.


What the Pet (Alexa Skill)

Toy Project - A trivia game to help user choose a pet